My Friends are So Damn Cool


Some days it’s snowy, and I’m exhausted, and then I remember my rad friends and feel heartened.

Daniel has the risky and always odd privilege of heading up VICE News’s Mexico bureau, and his work is gritty and outstanding.

Sarah weaves her bookish interests into stories that are always thought-provoking and fun.

Another Sarah makes up crossword puzzles, people. Crossword puzzles!

My cousin’s rural health care clinic is making national news.

Kyla makes things happen at the PBS News Hour.

Melanie imagines some of my favorite authors as lovestruck teens.

Rachel helps people connect to the great outdoors.

Caitlin’s illustrations >>>

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Charlotte Brontë’s Handwriting

In honor of National Handwriting Day, a glimpse at Charlotte Brontë’s public writing and the tiny scratches she kept for herself:

Charlotte Bronte Handwriting >>>

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The “feast or famine” trope is familiar to any freelancer. Some days you starve. Other days are over-the-top busy.

As I poke my head out into the real world again, I’m finding a lot to chew on. I just started a new gig blogging daily on culture, science, history and innovation for Smithsonian’s SmartNews. It’s a great contrast to the longer-term projects I’m chipping away at, bit by bit. And man, am I learning a lot lately. Here’s what I worked on this week:


I went inside the weird world of mourning rings for Modern Notion.

Monday >>>

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Happy Birthday, Zora Neale Hurston!

zoranealehurston >>>

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What This Writer Reads


As the author of a book about books, I’ve come to kind of dread the question “what have you been reading lately?” Um…everything?

My tastes are catholic, weird, and often scattered, and my Kindle app, next-to-bed book pile and desk stack all seem to demonstrate split personalities. Recently, I’ve been on a fiction kick that is slightly unusual for someone who spends much of her time buried in biography. Here’s a grab bag of things I’ve read lately, in no particular order and with no attention paid to whether they were read simultaneously, in one big gulp or over a >>>Read more<<<

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