A Book For Every Reader

I’m back from a pretty amazing trip to the 2014 Kansas Library Association Conference in Wichita, where I spoke to youth services and public librarians. The librarians of Kansas ROCK, people. They do something so important with so very little. Not only do they do that, but they greeted me at the airport like this. I mean, COME ON.

I came back really inspired and even more enthusiastic about libraries than before. Here’s the speech I gave to the librarians at a very early morning hour:

Thank you. My name is Erin Blakemore. I’m an author and a historian and >>>Read more<<<

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Where’s Erin?

The Eternal Question
Where on Earth am I?

You’ll most reliably find me at my keyboard, working hard and looking out at the yoga mat-carrying residents of my little neighborhood in Boulder. I suppose I leave breadcrumbs wherever I go in the form of checked-out and long-reserved library books, day trips to the library at the University of Colorado, visits to the gym or doctor’s office or select hiking trails, my continued shotgun stance in Mike’s car, trips to the garden, endless uber-specific Google searches and occasional appearances among friends.

Behind the scenes, something like Progress is happening. Many can’t-really-discuss-them projects are in >>>Read more<<<

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What I Write About When I Write About Books


Despite my slow brain, my middling mood, my many insignificant problems, I’ve been writing a lot lately. My return to the world of freelancing has been halting and scattered. I’m going where my interests take me these days. Yes, I’m aware that “I’m a writer who writes about things that interest me” is not really an identity, but it’s a good way in. At the very least it leads me towards topics I find fascinating and personally resonant, and more often than not those topics are books (historical, bawdy and banned) and authors. Surprise!!!!!

I try not to be too >>>

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Upcoming Appearance: Kansas Library Association


I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be speaking at the 2014 Kansas Library Association Conference this October.

The conference has a theme that’s close to my heart, indeed: Out of the Stacks: Engaging Communities, Promoting Learning. I’ll be doing two sessions…a breakfast session on finding a book for every reader and a workshop on how librarians can connect their young readers to the stories behind their favorite stories.

As a library school dropout and a passionate advocate for the good libraries do in our schools and our communities, I couldn’t be more honored. Even better, the invitation came from >>>Read more<<<

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Portrait of the Artist as a Young Pioneer


Your fearless author is on the left, in the outfit she forced her mother to sew for her and wore to school and everywhere at all times. >>>Read more<<<

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