Yay!  I can finally talk about something that definitely put an extra spring in my step last week.  Harper sold the audio rights for The Heroine’s Bookshelf to Blackstone Audio, the country’s largest independent producer of audiobooks!  This means that THB will be appearing in DRM-free CD and MP3 form in November…and that I get an inside view on the process of how a book gets from the page to the ear.

Here’s the deal report from PM *beam*:

March 5, 2010:  Audio rights
Erin Blakemore’s THE HEROINE’S BOOKSHELF, a look at literature’s greatest and most enduring female characters — such as Jo March, Jane Eyre, Elizabeth Bennet, Laura Ingalls and others — and their authors, who have helped shape the inner lives of generations of women, teasing out universal tenets of strength, wisdom, and survival, to Blackstone Audio, for publication in November 2010, by Janice Suguitan at Harper.