Yesterday I asked a deceptively simple question on Twitter:

Can I get a Jane Eyre v. Wuthering Heights roll call? If you think they are equally amazing, tell me why :)

The Brontë sisters, as painted by their brother, Branwell. Branwell painted himself out of the middle of the picture. Click image to view a larger version.

WOW.  The debate that followed in 140 characters or fewer was heavy.  Some clung to the raw emotion of WH…some argued passionately on Jane’s behalf.  Others pointed out that Anne Brontë wrote too, thank you very much.  It got me thinking on the power of siblings in literature…and it made me wonder how hard it must be to live with a sibling’s literary legacy when you, too, are a writer.

Many of the women I write about in The Heroine’s Bookshelf were only children, as were their heroines (with a few obvious exceptions…Jo March, anyone?).  But there’s something powerful about siblings in literature, be they real-life or fictitious pairings.

And so I ask you another question…who are your favorite literary siblings?  Does your experience as a sibling relate to your experience as a reader or writer?