I'm as giddy as Diana after a few glasses of raspberry cordial!

At long last (or is it long?), the paperback of The Heroine’s Bookshelf has been published in paperback by Harper Perennial!  What does this mean for you (aside from a chance to buy stocking stuffers for the many bookish women in your life)? Why, giveaways, of course!

  • Buried In Print is doing a fun giveaway of the book at her blog
  • I’m honored to be participating in both #indiethursday and #fridayreads this week…chances to tweet with fellow book lovers, support indie book stores, and win a copy of my book!
  • Bitch Magazine is running a contest on Friday
  • AnneofGreenGables.com is gracious enough to host a daily trivia question and giveaway on their Facebook page

…and that’s just the beginning! 

Prizes are currently being shipped to the winners of the Their Eyes Were Watching God readalong…my love of malls was exposed in my author interview with the Vail Daily…and there’s a lot more to come.

If this sound exhausting, it is. And it isn’t, because all of you are so supportive and awesome. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.