Moar doughnuts, please.

Well. It’s come to this.

I did a bunch of reading on V.C. Andrews and whether Flowers in the Attic was inspired by real events, but let’s get real. We’re all here to discuss the incestuous love between Chris and Cathy, amirite?

“I could hear him breathing deeply my scent.”
“I could hear him breathing deeply my scent.”

Ahem. Sorry. At some point during Part II, I stopped highlighting in my Kindle and just gave myself over to the delicious trainwreck.

So…before I get into the rape ‘cest luv, can we talk about The Grandmother? Because I really kind of liked her by the end. Yes, she poisoned Corey totally inexplicably (seriously, does anyone understand any character’s motivation in this book?). Yes, she tried to cut off Cathy’s hair in a fit of rage, but really it just gave her and Chris a chance to hang out in the bathroom together. However, by the end I found myself kind of perversely attracted by her interesting advice about men (“Let them wait for you!”) and her bizarre wig-wearing ways (could the book possibly have been written for anyone but 12-year-olds? This detail is just the one a 12-year-old would look for and love).

Also, what is up with Bart whatshisname? I felt really unclear as to whether he actually saw Cathy while sleeping until I realized that she for some reason started making out with him. What is wrong with these people? Do attics just turn you into sex-crazed perverts, or did it have to do with wanting everything Momma had?

And also…did anyone else find the SUPPOSEDLY HUGE REVELATION about Momma’s intentions at the end really freaking confusing? If Momma didn’t want kids so much, why’d she leave them up there? Why didn’t she just give them the boot or kill them?

Okay, rapey brother sister love. I was surprised at how much naked hanging out preceded it, but even more surprised at how horrifying the actual scene was. I am also horrified at how it basically seemed like VC Andrews would way rather have put a tender sex scene in instead of a rapey one, but felt compelled to in order to barely escape any accusations of the book being even more horrible than it actually is. And Cathy’s denying it was rape? What in the HELL? What in the ever-loving hell.

Now that it’s been a few weeks since I finished reading it, I am even more confused about this book than I was at the beginning. On the one hand, I found it way more readable than I thought. On the other hand, I find myself looking for a point or moral or summary of the book. Is it that you’re basically screwed either way? Is it that you have to fight back soon or you will be left in the proverbial dust? Or is there no moral at all?

All in all, I’m really glad I gave this book a re-read. It provides strange insight into the child I was then and wow has it been fun to discuss with all of you.  (Who’s up for watching the movie?)