Can you believe it? The Heroine’s Bookshelf recently celebrated its second anniversary. Here’s an A-to-Z recap of what happened over the last two years:

A pause to smell the inside of my brand-new book. I’ll never forget that moment.

Boulder Book Store graciously hosting me for I don’t even know how many readings, signings, and book club events.

Colorado Book Award (Nonfiction – General), 2010.

Doubt. Steaming, squeamish, heartbreaking, anxiety-producing doubt.

#EBPOWER and vital writer-to-writer challenge and inspiration in the form of friendships with Eleanor Brown and Ellen F. Brown

Far too many cups of tea as I signed bookplates, wrote guest blogs and thank-you notes.

Greenwich Village walking tour.

Hardworking agent, editor, book designers, publicist, marketing department, sales reps, booksellers, and reviewers.

Innumerable conversations with readers who have turned out to be my people.

Jet lag.

Keynote speech at a high school in Illinois.

LauraPalooza. Twice.

Ms. Magazine. Be still my heart.

New York Times mention I still can’t believe.

Orchard House. Ingalls Homestead. Anne Frank House.

Paperback that is somehow just as beautiful as the hardcover.

Quietly going insane as I watched my Amazon ranking rise and fall and my royalty statements confuse the hell out of me.

Road trips! My book has taken me all over Colorado; Mankato, MN; Normal, IL; San Diego, CA; Richmond, VA; Seattle, WA; New York, NY; Boston, MA.

So many lovely emails and notes from readers all over the world.

Translations into Korean, Italian, Portuguese.

University women, schoolgirls, book clubs, fan clubs, alumni organizations—just a few of the groups I’ve spoken to over the last two years.

Voraciously reading reviews, then swearing them off.

Water bursting from a toilet and spraying all over my face and clothing as I prepared for a reading while on The Littlest Book Tour. I slicked back my hair, put on a new dress, and did it anyway.

eXcitedly awaiting interviews with journalists from publications like Glamour, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Denver Post, and The Christian Science Monitor.

Your book gave me hope.” —Reader whose letter made me cry.

Zooming heartbeat as I listened to Tavia Gilbert narrate the audiobook version of THB.

Thank you so much to everyone who took time to make me feel so warm and loved as I entered the world of books. I am beyond indebted to you for your arms-wide-open welcome.