The “feast or famine” trope is familiar to any freelancer. Some days you starve. Other days are over-the-top busy.

As I poke my head out into the real world again, I’m finding a lot to chew on. I just started a new gig blogging daily on culture, science, history and innovation for Smithsonian’s SmartNews. It’s a great contrast to the longer-term projects I’m chipping away at, bit by bit. And man, am I learning a lot lately. Here’s what I worked on this week:


I went inside the weird world of mourning rings for Modern Notion.


I covered and a study that shows that people who put down their phones act a lot dumber for Smithsonian SmartNews.


So who knows you better, your computer or your mom? I investigated for Smithsonian, then looked into how 700-year-old mummy poop helped solve a historical mystery.


I contemplated ways to recapture creativity during a dull winter for CreativeLive before turning to a surprisingly human-sounding orangutan and for SmartNews.


Lots of news on the radar today, from word that two climbers managed to summit the impossibly vertical wall that is Yosemite’s El Capitan to research that suggests there might be mysterious new planets past Pluto to a bull who’s fathered over 500,000 cows and the possibility that feeling cold is contagious.


I started the morning with a glimpse at what the recent SpaceX rocket crash looked like and covered a new “smart retainer” that can help deaf people hear through their tongues.

And that wasn’t even the half of it. I also wrote other pieces, including a long-form piece I’m really excited about, met with the promotion committee for LauraPalooza 2015, and am working on a bunch of new pitches. I’d like to keep feasting, please.