Some days it’s snowy, and I’m exhausted, and then I remember my rad friends and feel heartened.

Daniel has the risky and always odd privilege of heading up VICE News’s Mexico bureau, and his work is gritty and outstanding.

Sarah weaves her bookish interests into stories that are always thought-provoking and fun.

Another Sarah makes up crossword puzzles, people. Crossword puzzles!

My cousin’s rural health care clinic is making national news.

Kyla makes things happen at the PBS News Hour.

Melanie imagines some of my favorite authors as lovestruck teens.

Rachel helps people connect to the great outdoors.

Caitlin’s illustrations are breathtaking.

As are Melissa’s astonishing quilts.

Courtney is a warrior for gender-neutral kids’ clothes.

Lorelei knows what’s up when it comes to things legal.

Nate unburies underground music.

Tavia brings books to life in audio form.

Jason’s not too shabby in the audio department, either.

And this long list is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to friend pool talent.


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