THB in Italy

A vanity Google has revealed that The Heroine’s Bookshelf has a new name and a new cover in bella Italia!

The first edition of the book in Italian was called La biblioteca delle donna. Now Orme seems to have re-released the book as Le protagoniste and given it a pretty new cover!

(Here’s the old cover for your reference. I like them both.)

biblioteca_delle_donne-p (1)


A Poem

It’s almost spring, and the almost part is killing me. So…how about a poem, instead?

In 1814, young Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin ran off with Percy Bysshe Shelley, the Romantic lyricist known as much for his personal excesses as his poems. Two years later, she composed Frankenstein: or, The Modern Prometheus, while living with Shelley near Lord Byron’s compound at the Villa Diodati on Lake Geneva. She later described that summer as the time “when I first stepped out from childhood into life.” She was eighteen years old.

The Book

First we met in drawing rooms, then graves—
He loved


My Friends are So Damn Cool

Some days it’s snowy, and I’m exhausted, and then I remember my rad friends and feel heartened.

Daniel has the risky and always odd privilege of heading up VICE News’s Mexico bureau, and his work is gritty and outstanding.

Sarah weaves her bookish interests into stories that are always thought-provoking and fun.

Another Sarah makes up crossword puzzles, people. Crossword puzzles!

My cousin’s rural health care clinic is making national news.

Kyla makes things happen at the PBS News Hour.

Melanie imagines some of my favorite authors as lovestruck teens.

Rachel helps people connect to the great outdoors.

Caitlin’s illustrations