Icebergs, Petticoats, and the Tragedy of the Left-Out Detail


Oh, history. You have so many alluring details. There are soiled petticoats, angry letters, dramatic turns of phrase. And if you’re anything like me, you have a whole boatload of must-include details in every historical piece you write. Except there’s that whole word count thing. And that whole you have to write something people will actually want to read thing. Right. Something must be left out.

I tend to subscribe to the Iceberg Theory of detail in both non-fiction and fiction. (This description is altogether too long and ridiculous, but long story short is that you want your work >>>Read more<<<

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I’m So Over Book Guilt


Silly movie lover! The book is always better than the movie. Stupid reader! How can you possibly read (and enjoy) that blasphemous ebook? Quit wasting your time rereading and discover new authors! It’s your duty! Did you know you’re reading the wrong books? What? You like genre fiction? Embarrassing! The publishing industry is going to hell! You must singlehandedly save it!

Yeah. These are the messages gleaned from roughly two seconds of scanning book-related news this morning.

You guys: I am so over book guilt.

Remember back in the day when there wasn’t really an Internet and there wasn’t really >>>Read more<<<

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I used to play roller derby. As a blocker for the Denver Roller Dolls, my job was to crash into other people and remove them from the track so my jammer could skate through the pack and score points. I practiced the crashes day in and day out, learned to inure myself against the shock of running my body into another body at full speed. I became merciless. Huge, black bruises cropped up on my thighs, big ugly gorgeous flowers against my pale skin.

A few months ago, I was on vacation in San Diego when someone rear-ended my stopped >>>Read more<<<

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Erin’s in Bitch Talking Banned Books


Why should you care about 2013′s most-challenged books? I weigh in for Bitch Media’s blog. >>>Read more<<<

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Saying No


Hello, people-pleaser. It’s me, people-pleaser.

My mom will probably tell you that “no” was my earliest or favorite word, and maybe it’s true. But somewhere along the way, fear of saying no crept in. I developed a healthy adolescent fear of judgment, of hurting other people, of missing out, being punished, of disappointing others. Fear of sitting with the space that the word “no” creates in life, the boundary that is so strong it only takes a word of two letters to establish. And then I became a writer!

The writer’s life is full of no. Pre-publication, in fact, is >>>Read more<<<

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