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Literary Road Trip!

Sometimes, the book world can take you places.

Case in point: This Friday I’ll be road tripping with the lovely Eleanor Brown from Washington, D.C. to Richmond, Virginia, where I will be participating in the 10th annual James River Writers Conference. I’m on panels about websites and point of view, and will be meeting beloved blogger/literary friends Ellen F. Brown, Rebecca Schinsky, and even glamming it up as I observe the Library of Virginia Literary Awards.

I’ll admit that I’m just as excited about the road trip portion of my journey as the bookish festivities to

MMM – Please Welcome Ellen F. Brown!

What a week!  As a sort of cherry on top, today’s guest is Ellen Firsching Brown, the co-author of one of my favorite books of 2011, Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind: A Bestseller’s Odyssey.  Not only is Ellen an amazing woman (and an EB to boot), but she’s a compelling author who tells a truly gripping story about one of the greatest stories of all time…and I had a chance to feel the love during this exclusive Q&A.  Please welcome Ellen!  [Contest entries are now closed, but your comments are still welcome!]

Erin:  Why Margaret Mitchell?

Ellen F.

Happy Birthday, Lifechanger

Today, my friends, is the 75th anniversary of the publication of Gone With the Wind.*

Despite all the well-deserved hoopla (with very worthy press coverage of the amazing Ellen F. Brown’s Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind and even a thrilling upcoming media appearance for yours truly…more on that later), I can’t help but think about my first encounter with the book.

Scarlett looking strangely...angelic.

Like most people, I ran into the movie before the book.  I remember Alexandra Dodd’s very ’80s mother sitting us down and telling us we were in for an EVENT.  We watched, were intrigued. 

Scarlett O’Hara: Literature’s Most Lovable Bitch

Guest Post by Ellen F. Brown

Next up in our series of guest posts on heroines featured in The Heroine’s Bookshelf is Ellen F. Brown, who may just qualify as the world’s nicest human being (unlike her subject).  Ellen emailed me out of the blue (okay, I think I retweeted a link of hers, but still) to tell me she had heard about the book and wanted to introduce me to her hard-core Gone with the Wind fan friends.  Why, the pleasure was mine!  Want to continue on in great company?  Click here to win a galley of the