The Fun Pass

Fun FunI’m still alive, just laboring on the book/proposal and considering The Nature of Things.

The proposal is close to submission and it’s almost time for something I call The Fun Pass. If you’re anything like me, writing can paralyze you sometimes and leech all of the fun out of you. How will you express this complex idea in few words? How does it work? Will anyone enjoy it? The inner editor rages, slashing at things with the kind of scissors you’d have been scolded for even thinking about as a child. You imagine craven mobs of upset readers.

Then, if

Artsy-Fartsy Friday: Pride and Prejudice Covers

It’s Friday, and my Google Image Search obsession is as strong as ever.  Since Friday is a day for fun, I hereby bring you the first in a series of Friday blogs about covers of books included in The Heroine’s Bookshelf.  First installment:  Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, originally published in 1813.  Click to enlarge these gems!

Original Pride & Prejudice Cover Pride & Prejudice - Signet Edition Most Boring Pride and Prejudice Cover Ever - Macmillan Pride and Predudice - Penguin - Illustration by Reuben Toledo Marvel Pride and Prejudice Cover - by Sonny Liew Pride and Prejudice 4 - Sonny Liew Twilight P&P..aaaaahhhh!

From left to right, top to bottom:

1)  First, a bit of history.  Here’s the original front page (they didn’t do fancy artsy covers in the early 1800s).

2)  is kind of a swinging late 60sish take on P&P (reminds me