Heroine Love Prizes and Schedule

Here it is…the long-awaited announcement of Heroine Love prizes and schedule!

Join me for a guest blog and daily drawings weekdays from February 1-17 and win…

  • A signed copy of The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown
  • A feminist superpack containing The Vagina Monologues and The Purity Myth
  • A limited-edition Jane Eyre print and audiobook copies of Jane Slayre and Wuthering Heights
  • A gorgeous Anne of Green Gable tote containing strong-woman audio titles When Janey Comes Marching Home, The Patience Stone, and The Middle Place
  • Copies of The Homesteader (Laura Ingalls Wilder newsletter) and a pack of three HarperCollins classics

We’ve Only Just Begun…

Six days until Heroine Love and the prizes have started rolling in!

This is a mere sample of the wonderful prizes donated by me, my amazing guest bloggers, my venerable publisher HarperCollins and the very generous and fabulous Blackstone Audio.

And physical and audio books aren’t the only literary treats to come…not by a long shot.

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Exciting News: La Vita e Bella (Sometimes)

I think every author suffers from Fraud Syndrome at some point.  Symptoms include pinching self, wondering if anyone will find out that on the inside you’re a disastrous, precarious and insecure wreck even though you have it semi-together professionally.  Well, at least I hope every author does, because otherwise I just outed myself.

Still, sometimes news arrives to sweeten the pot.  Yesterday I found out that Italian rights to The Heroine’s Bookshelf have been sold to Orme!

As I plot the Italian adventures of a book that used to be just me and a blinking cursor, I’ve been keeping (very)

The Evolution of a Cover

So…I got my cover yesterday.  *runs around in circles like a crazy woman*  It is PERFECT.  And it is all the more perfect because of its evolution.

Let’s go back to some time last year…my editor asked me if I had any ideas for covers and I faltered.  I told her I LOVE the Penguin Classics series even though the silhouettes aren’t quite representative of the stories within.  She agreed that they’re great and instructed the designer to do girly, with a hint of nostalgia.  The first draft is to your left (click for larger version):

As you can see,

Great News – I’m Huge In Korea (dare to dream…)

Just got word that I can announce something that’s put an extra spring in my step for about a week now.  The Heroine’s Bookshelf has sold in South Korea!

It will be translated and published by Minumin at some point (I’m thinking in 2010) and I’ll have the pleasure of seeing my book in an alphabet and language I have no hope of ever understanding!  Naturally, I am over the moon…and very grateful to the fabulous and hard-working people at HarperCollins who made the sale.

There’s still time to enter the Lorelei King Audiobook Giveaway…in fact, I’d like to beg