So…the thing people tell you that you never, ever believe about the world of publishing is “prepare to wait.” Because…well, everyone else has to wait, right? Your query letter is the one that will get plucked from the pile and immediately noticed.  Your story is the one that will sell the instant it goes to editors.  Etc.


For a few minutes Anne, drifting slowly down, enjoyed the romance of her situation to the full.

Maybe it’s my natural impatience (a character defect that continually smacks me in the face), but I seriously underestimated the time every publishing activity ever

It’s Here! The Big Cover Reveal

One of the best/most nervewracking things about publishing is the big cover gamble. 

I’ve been incredibly fortunate with Harper, who took the time to ask me my thoughts about the original cover and made sure to get it right. 

The paperback is in the capable hands of Harper Perennial, which is known for their paperback editions of new and young fiction and non-fiction authors and their nail-it-every-dang-time editions of classic novels (including some that are featured in The Heroine’s Bookshelf). 

When my editor told me the paperback division wanted to take a stab at a new cover, I

Surprise! 10 Crazy Things I’ve Learned About Publishing

I’ve been thinking.  About publishing.

Actually, my love affair with the crazy publishing industry started long before I got my debut book deal.  I’ve spent years poring over Publishers Lunch, following the gossip on Galleycat, and getting to know the wild and wooly industry that is ever-changing, fickle, absorbing, intense, and lovable Publishing, capital P.  But as usual, book-learnin’ doesn’t always serve me well…real-life experience is a much better (and harsher) teacher.

Here are ten things that have really surprised me during this process:

The Rollercoaster.  Yes, I’ve read a billion debut authors talking about the emotional

This Week In The Pub Trenches…

Favorite book moment of the week: Helping Eleanor Brown ring in the birth of The Weird Sisters.  She read and spoke with aplomb, and the crowd went wild.  Bonus:  time to browse around The Tattered Cover in Highlands Ranch.  I talked to the staff a bit, signed a few books (faced-out in the literary criticism section and on a table of cozy winter lit!), picked up a prize for February’s Heroine Love event and bought a book for Top Secret Super Project.  Which leads me to…

Literary challenge of the week:  Fear.  Yup…same old same old.  The cursor

More from the Trenches

Favorite book moment of the week: It’s a toss-up between being a fly on the wall for the many omgBorders conversations (what can I say, I’m fascinated by spectacular rises and falls) and, of course, witnessing the enormous outpouring of good cheer and support for February’s Heroine Love event, which will feature 12 of my favorite book bloggers, an ever-more-amazing prize pack, and lots of literary secret-telling and praise.  More and more I realize that community is the most incredible thing to come out of The Heroine’s Bookshelf…a community of writers and a community of readers who are