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Why should you care about 2013′s most-challenged books? I weigh in for Bitch Media’s blog. >>>Read more<<<

📅17 April 2014 0 comments
What I Did On My Summer Vacation

salt spring island feetSalt Spring is an island in the Strait of Georgia across from Vancouver in British Columbia. I arrived there on August 23, fresh off the ferry. If I’d had my wits about me I might have told my kind hostess that “I am well in body although considerable rumpled up in spirit, thank you ma’am,” like a certain red-headed Canadian. Instead, I stumbled up the steep path toward my AirBnB cottage.

A week later, I took stock of what I did on my summer vacation: Hike. Sleep. Eat (and well at that). READ.

I read on the porch of the >>>

📅03 September 2013 0 comments
Book Shame

“Dirty” books. “Trashy” novels. “Fluffy” ways to spend your time. The more I get into this crazy world of being an author (and an author with a loudly-announced love of classic books), the more book shame I see all around me.

There seems to be a barely-articulated expectation that as a published author I decry all books that can’t be classified as Serious Novels (notwithstanding the fact that lots of women’s fiction is not seen as “serious” in their eyes). Even worse, there seems to be an expectation from both genders that women should be ashamed of their reading. Add >>>Read more<<<

📅28 March 2012 20 comments
Bookish Friends

One of the coolest parts of the publication journey has been meeting other writers. We get along quite well, other writers and I. We like to complain and kvetch and giggle and support, and we’re bound by a mutual love of reading and books and a mutual compulsion to produce words. Occasionally it strikes me that I really am the luckiest author ever. I live in a great place for supportive writers, and I know a huge number of them.  And in recent weeks, a few dear ones have had amazing and well-deserved successes.

To wit: Eleanor Brown, the >>>

📅17 February 2012 1 comment
Ten In Ten: Reading

It should come as no surprise that reading is a huge part of my writing process.  I’m a compulsive reader, so any word that comes around my eyes will get read at some point.  What surprises me is the breadth of work that helps me through my own writing.  I tend to approach nonfiction like fiction and vice-versa.

Though some complain that reading like a writer is exhausting or depressing, I find it particularly pleasurable.  What’s the voice?  How is the story told?  What details catch the writer’s attention and which are jettisoned?  What about subject matter…what brings the author >>>Read more<<<

📅19 January 2012 2 comments