I used to play roller derby. As a blocker for the Denver Roller Dolls, my job was to crash into other people and remove them from the track so my jammer could skate through the pack and score points. I practiced the crashes day in and day out, learned to inure myself against the shock of running my body into another body at full speed. I became merciless. Huge, black bruises cropped up on my thighs, big ugly gorgeous flowers against my pale skin.

A few months ago, I was on vacation in San Diego when someone rear-ended my stopped >>>Read more<<<

📅18 April 2014 10 comments
The Dark Side

6820578783_f5a19cfbcfI don’t really read many reviews of my writing. It’s depressing and kind of gives me hives, and besides the work is long since written and submitted and there’s no point in self-flagellation, right? Right.

Still, something is kind of sticking in my craw. You see, it has come to my attention that a few of my readers feel I only focus on the dark side of history. They accuse me of emphasizing the sordid and crappy parts of the lives of my literary heroines at the expense of their redeeming or non-depressing aspects. And this revelation has made me >>>Read more<<<

📅14 September 2013 4 comments
What I Did On My Summer Vacation

salt spring island feetSalt Spring is an island in the Strait of Georgia across from Vancouver in British Columbia. I arrived there on August 23, fresh off the ferry. If I’d had my wits about me I might have told my kind hostess that “I am well in body although considerable rumpled up in spirit, thank you ma’am,” like a certain red-headed Canadian. Instead, I stumbled up the steep path toward my AirBnB cottage.

A week later, I took stock of what I did on my summer vacation: Hike. Sleep. Eat (and well at that). READ.

I read on the porch of the >>>

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Two Years of THB – A to Z

Can you believe it? The Heroine’s Bookshelf recently celebrated its second anniversary. Here’s an A-to-Z recap of what happened over the last two years:

A pause to smell the inside of my brand-new book. I’ll never forget that moment.

Boulder Book Store graciously hosting me for I don’t even know how many readings, signings, and book club events.

Colorado Book Award (Nonfiction – General), 2010.

Doubt. Steaming, squeamish, heartbreaking, anxiety-producing doubt.

#EBPOWER and vital writer-to-writer challenge and inspiration in the form of friendships with Eleanor Brown and Ellen F. Brown

Far too many cups >>>

📅23 October 2012 2 comments
Literary Road Trip!

Sometimes, the book world can take you places.

Case in point: This Friday I’ll be road tripping with the lovely Eleanor Brown from Washington, D.C. to Richmond, Virginia, where I will be participating in the 10th annual James River Writers Conference. I’m on panels about websites and point of view, and will be meeting beloved blogger/literary friends Ellen F. Brown, Rebecca Schinsky, and even glamming it up as I observe the Library of Virginia Literary Awards.

I’ll admit that I’m just as excited about the road trip portion of my journey as the bookish festivities to >>>Read more<<<

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