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The Fun Pass

Fun FunI’m still alive, just laboring on the book/proposal and considering The Nature of Things.

The proposal is close to submission and it’s almost time for something I call The Fun Pass. If you’re anything like me, writing can paralyze you sometimes and leech all of the fun out of you. How will you express this complex idea in few words? How does it work? Will anyone enjoy it? The inner editor rages, slashing at things with the kind of scissors you’d have been scolded for even thinking about as a child. You imagine craven mobs of upset readers.

Then, if


ole-980_lee_ranaldo_between_the_timesThere’s a word in German called “Zwischenzeit.” It means “interim” or “meanwhile,” but the direct translation is “betweentime.”

A friend recently reminded me that in the world of publishing and writing, the waiting never ends. Waiting for the royalty statement, the acceptance letter, the reassurance some of us need to keep writing and creating. I’ve been in waiting mode myself, lately, and I’m as much waiting for my next moment of direction as I am for the go-ahead on the projects I am so excited to pursue. Sometimes I think I’m waiting to know more about myself, and that is

Drowning in Words

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I admittedly have been feeling a bit inundated lately…there’s a lot of upheaval afoot. My day job has exploded (in a good way). I’ve been working on my health and fitness (goodbye old habits that are so comfortable and comforting). And I’m deep in the throes of book proposal land, which has a way of stirring up all of my insecurity and doubt.

I’ve been immersing myself in the world of my subject matter, reading letters, diaries, biographies, articles, and such. Of course, I’ve been writing, too. Drafting can feel incredibly overwhelming. Where do I


So…the thing people tell you that you never, ever believe about the world of publishing is “prepare to wait.” Because…well, everyone else has to wait, right? Your query letter is the one that will get plucked from the pile and immediately noticed.  Your story is the one that will sell the instant it goes to editors.  Etc.


For a few minutes Anne, drifting slowly down, enjoyed the romance of her situation to the full.

Maybe it’s my natural impatience (a character defect that continually smacks me in the face), but I seriously underestimated the time every publishing activity ever

Uncomfortable Answers

So…why write, again?

Last weekend, I had the honor of giving a book talk and participating in an author panel hosted by Pikes Peak Writers, and the question came up over and over again as we shared the difficulties of things like getting noticed, figuring out royalty statements, dealing with change in the industry, and all that waiting. It was one of the more honest discussions on the pitfalls of the business I’ve heard in a while, and probably raised the hair of the aspiring authors in the audience (sorry, guys).

This is not how I look while